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09 July 2022

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Sat 02 Jul 2022

About us

We have been serving the young people of Daventry since 1989. Alongside our free drop in services our core focus is primarily on improving the mental health of young people in the local area.

We do this by offering free therapeutic counselling for people aged 13-19 (and up to 25 in certain circumstances) delivered by professional counsellors. We are the only agency offering free services of this nature in the Daventry area.

Our services are designed to move people away from a negative place they may have been in and towards a more positive frame of thought which help people stay in employment, education and training and can help them better engage in society. We also continue to offer free services for people aged 13-25.

We receive referrals from GPs, parents, carers, social workers as well as young people themselves. We help many young people in need, reducing the need for higher level and costly clinical interventions. Last year we delivered 1761 interventions including supporting those who self-harm or have suicidal thoughts and feelings.

There has been an increasing demand for mental health services among young people as more high profile figures get behind mental awareness campaigns, such as heads together, fronted by the young royals.

Raising the funds required to maintain our work continues to be a challenge in the face of rising costs, increasing rents and general funding cuts across the board. With your help we can meet the increasing demand and help more young people in need!

Yours sincerely

Mr Andy Nixon

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