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31 July 2021

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Sat 24 Jul 2021

About us

Baby Basics is a small local charity, based in the Daventry District and covering the whole of Northamptonshire, which supports new mothers who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby. We expect this year to send out over 200 new born starter packs.

Baby Basics Northampton provides much needed essentials and equipment to mothers and families who are unable to provide these items for themselves; particularly those from displaced people groups and those seeking asylum.

Working with midwives, health visitors and other professional groups to provide support directly where it is most needed, the Baby Basics Northampton team lovingly collect, sort and package a ‘Moses Basket starter pack’ of clothing, toiletries and essential baby equipment as a free, attractive gift of essential items to new mothers.

The aim is to help these new mothers in need by enabling healthcare professionals to have the means to provide starter packs which give practical support, and help with their emotional and psychological wellbeing. But none of this is possible without the help and support of the general public and the community groups that support us.

Most of our donations come from the general public and are donations of second hand or nearly new moses baskets, clothes, bedding, towels, toys and also brand new toiletries for both mum and baby. This is done through the networks we have developed and are continue to add to throughout the county of Northamptonshire. Only last week we were talking to a “knit and natter” group, encouraging them to use their amazing talents to benefit our charity.

However, due to the high demand on our service, we are always to purchasing items that have not been donated. The primary example is moses basket mattresses. With the aim of promoting safe sleeping, and preventing sudden infant death syndrome, we supply a brand new mattress with each basket, at a cost of £10 each. Annually we spend £2,000 on mattresses alone as we send out over 200 baskets each year, with the demand growing each year.

We need your help so we can continue to offer and even expand our service!

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Yours sincerely

The Baby Basics Team

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